Classroom Dinosaur Child Program (Prevention)


The Classroom Dinosaur Child Program is used by teachers as a prevention program for an entire classroom of students. The curriculum is delivered 2-3 times a week by teachers in the classroom in 20-30 minute circle time lessons, followed by small group practice activities and promotion of skills throughout the school day. The program includes letters for teachers to send home with suggested activities parents can do with their children to reinforce the classroom learning and promote parent involvement in classroom learning. The program includes lesson plans for 3 “levels” so that teachers can choose lessons based on children’s developmental age (Level 1: ages 3-5, Level 2: ages 5-6, Level 3: ages 7-8).

Program set includes:

  • Program Video Vignettes (4 total hours)  are available in 3 formats: 3 DVD set –or– 1 USB drive –or NEW 1-year streaming subscription 
  • 5 Comprehensive Teacher lesson plan manuals with 3 levels of lesson plans
  • Detective Home Activities (Also available in Spanish)
  • Wally’s Detective Kit Box (47 laminated and colored cue cards for teaching social skills, anger management and problem solving concepts)
  • Wally’s Detective Books for Solving Problems (set of 4)
  • Stickers (7 rolls: “Ask me how I shared,” “I can stop my anger,” “I’m good at listening,” “I can solve problems,” “I worked hard today,” “I’m good at helping” & “Dina Homework Tonight”)
  • Wally’s Feeling Wheel Posters (2 types)
  • Calm Down Thermometer Poster
  • Dina’s Wheel of Fortune Poster
  • Classroom rules Laminated Cards (set of 7)
  • Feeling Faces Laminated Cards set
  • Incredible Teachers Book
  • Dina’s Greatest Hits: Songs for Dinosaur School (Streaming online. Orders will receive page login & password information)
  • Tote Bag
  • Dina Dinosaur Magnet

Other Language Versions with program video available in DVD format: 

  • Norwegian,
  • Danish (Danish version manual in Norwegian)