Experts in Action- How to Implement Classroom Dinosaur Program (Primary)

This set of 8 DVD videos (6 hours) offer how-to, plus sample sessions and a leader’s guide. These videos can be used for self-study or viewed with other group leaders and used as a trigger for discussion of group leadership skills.

Focused on social skills and problem solving:

  • Part one: Understanding and Detecting Feelings
  • Part two: Dina Dinosaur Teaches how to do your Best in School
  • Part three: Detective Wally Teaches Problem Solving Steps
  • Part four: Tiny Turtle Teaches Anger Management
  • Part five: Molly Manners Teaches how to be Friendly
  • Sample Year one lessons: Problem Solving and Anger Management;
  • Sample Year two lessons: Problem Solving Part 1; Problem Solving Part 2; Friendship