Home Coaching Manuals for Baby Parenting Program

For the Baby Parenting Program we have developed a supplemental Home Coaching model. 

This one-on-one home parent-coach model can be used along side the group-based program as follows:

  • To begin a parent’s learning if there is an extended delay before the next scheduled IY parent group.
  • To give parents a taste of the program in order to recruit them into the IY parent group.
  • To provide make up sessions for parents who have missed group sessions due to illness or work schedules.
  • To enhance the IY parent group learning for high-risk families and/or child welfare referred families, and to provide additional vignettes and practices at home.
  • To deliver the entire parenting curriculum in the home.
  • It is expected that you have access to or have seen the vignette.

Group leaders will need the Baby Parenting Program curriculum set, in addition to this supplemental home coaching manual set. 

Language Versions: English, Norwegian