Preschool Parenting Program (Basic)


The Preschool Parenting Program (Basic) strengthens parent-child interactions and attachment, reducing harsh discipline and fostering parents’ ability to promote children’s social, emotional, and language development. Parents also learn how to build school readiness skills and are encouraged to partner with teachers and day care professionals so they can promote children’s emotional regulation and social skills. In the parenting groups, trained Incredible Years® facilitators use video clips of real-life situational vignettes to support the training and trigger parenting group discussions, problem solving, and practice exercises.

Program Set Includes:

  • Program Video Vignettes (9 total hours) shown in 18-20 weekly 2-hour group sessions. Video vignettes are available in 3 formats: 9 DVD set -or- 1 USB drive -or- NEW 1-year streaming subscription (online streaming English-only)
  • Comprehensive leader manual (over 800 pages of “how to” tips, leader questions for discussion, parent home activities, and commentary)
  • Book: The Incredible Years: A Troubleshooting Guide for Parents of Children Aged 3-8 Years (3rd Edition, by Carolyn Webster-Stratton)
  • Book: Collaborating with Parents to Reduce Children’s Behavior Problems: A Book for Therapists Using the Incredible Years Programs (by Carolyn Webster-Stratton)
  • Wally’s Detective Books for Solving Problems (set of 4 books)
  • Piggy Bank Refrigerator Magnet
  • Parenting Pyramid® Poster (illustrates how the program first builds a positive foundation of relationship skills before discipline strategies)

Language Versions: English, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish (Finnish version manual in English), French, Norwegian, Portuguese (Portuguese version manual in English), Russian, Swedish