Experts in Action - Parent Home Coaching Program

This 2 DVD set (1 hour 46 minutes) shows how the Home Visit Coaching program is delivered in the home. The first DVD provides examples of the first home visit which includes how to explain the program to a parent, goal setting, mediating video vignettes with children being present, setting up practices sessions and introducing a new topic.

The second DVD shows a coach covering the persistence coaching topic by showing vignettes, involving children, and setting up practices based on the parent’s goals.

Delivering the Home Coaching Program: Group leaders who have received training in the 3-day BASIC parenting program and have had experience delivering this group-based program can use this home coaching model. We recommend that group leaders take the Incredible Years supplemental 1-day training and have on-going consultation from an authorized IY mentor if they are planning to use the home coaching model.