Card Game Set: Incredible Kids & Parents Conversation Cards (2 card decks)

This fun conversation game includes two card decks, one used by the child and the other used by parents. The adult and child take turns asking a question while the other answers. Example parent deck questions include, “what do you like to do best with me?”, “what are two important household rules?”, “what is the best way I can help with your homework?”, “what do you say to yourself to stay calm?”, “what is the hardest part about being a kid?”, “what would be the menu of your ultimate birthday dinner?” Example child deck questions include, “what can I do to earn a reward?”, “is it ever okay to tell a lie?”, “what is the story behind my name?”, “what do you like to do best with me?”, “what was I like as a preschooler?”, “when do you think I can baby-sit?”, “are there any projects we can work on together?”