Incredible Toddlers: A Guide and Journal of Your Toddler’s Discoveries

Understand and encourage your toddler’s physical, social, emotional and language development. Learn about developmental principles and use a journal section to capture and preserve your memories of your toddler’s likes and dislikes, favorite songs, stories and daily routines.

The book is organized around helping toddlers accomplish three developmental milestones: (1) secure attachment or bonding with parents; (2) development of language, social and emotional expression and (3) developing a sense of self and unique individuality.

The book provides simple but effective techniques to help you: Promote toddlers’ preschool and reading readiness with academic and persistence coaching; Strengthen toddlers’ emotional and social competence; Cope with separations and establish predictable routines for bedtime, toileting and mealtimes; Use positive discipline strategies; Manage successfully typical toddler responses such as hitting, biting, opposition and tantrum storms; Keeping toddlers safe and secure; Develop your family support team.