Teacher Classroom Management Program


The Teacher Classroom Management program is a prevention program to strengthen teacher classroom management strategies, and promote children’s prosocial behavior and school readiness (reading skills). The program is intended for group leaders who plan to work with groups of teachers to promote these skills. It is divided into 6 full day workshops, spread out with time in between each workshop so that teachers have time to practice the new skills they are learning. The program has been shown in control group studies to reduce classroom aggression and noncooperation, and promote peer interaction, school readiness, and enjoyment with school activities. It focuses on ways teachers can effectively collaborate with and support parents’ school involvement, and promote home-to-school consistency. The Teacher Classroom Management Program is useful for teachers, teacher aides, school psychologists, and school counselors. There is another program, Incredible Beginnings, which is intended for Teachers and Child Care Providers of toddlers and preschoolers (ages 1–5).

Program set includes:

  • Comprehensive Leader’s Manual
  • Program video vignettes, available in 3 formats:  1 USB drive -or- DVD set (7 discs) –or NEW 1-year streaming subscription (online streaming English-only)
  • Teaching Pyramid® Magnet
  • Dina’s Wheel of Fortune Poster
  • Incredible Teachers Book
  • Teaching Pyramid® Poster
  • Calm Down Thermometer Poster
  • Talking Meter Poster
  • Teacher Stickers (6 rolls)
  • School Rules Cards set
  • “Show Me Five” Poster


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